Sunday, January 17, 2010

two coins

I want to touch on something that is of great importance to me: family. Boring and cliché subject to some, I'm sure, but there's a little more to it than that. I have been lucky enough in the last few months to spend a lot of time with my cousin, Michael. In fact, I just got back from spending the weekend with him and his girlfriend, Kelli, who by the way, has become a wonderful and close friend.
My relationship with the two of them has really brought to light not only how important it is to keep up with your family, but also how important it is to build friendships with the people in your family.

I'm right in the middle of a very hectic, stressful, and exciting point in my life. I'm transitioning careers and moving and in the process, trying to grasp the idea that my life is about to change in an unbelievable way. All that said, I typically shut people out when I have a lot on my plate. I buckle down and finish each task before I allow myself to enjoy life a little. My time with Michael and Kelli this weekend served as a great reminder that it's ok to stop and enjoy the people around you as you are going through a process or striving for a goal. After all, the people that you should keep closest to you are the ones who are pushing you toward those goals anyway.

I'm so grateful to have these two in my life. They have provided great encouragement and support, and most importantly, a good laugh during times when I've needed to lighten up.
"Go ahead and laugh 'cause it don't cost much..." -Dispatch

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    I don't have words to express how much that message means to me or how much you mean to me, I can say this for certain though... I love you, and I know Kelli does too.