Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was a monumental day in my life. I made a decision that will no doubt, prove to be life altering and difficult. However, I know with every fiber in my being that I am doing the right thing. So, instead of rambling on, here's what happened:
Last week I e-mailed my friend, Annie Clawson to ask if I could meet with her to get information on starting a non-profit. It has been a goal of mine for sometime now to start an organization that raises money and awareness for ovarian cancer research. Annie works for an organization called Wine to Water. If you watched the news, particularly CNN at all this year, you've probably heard of it. Annie, and founder Doc Hendley have dedicated their lives to helping solve the water crisis through Wine to Water. It's an incredible organization that I fully and eagerly support. Much to my surprise, my meeting with Annie turned into an interview with her and Doc to discuss the potential of working for the organization. When I was contacted the next day and offered the job, I was incredibly excited an honored, but I knew it was something to seriously think about.
I have a great job now and work with people who have become some of my closest friends. It's a great environment and I have learned so much from my experiences there. When Wine to Water called to offer me the position, I knew I had a lot to think about. After praying over it and talking with a few close friends, I knew without a doubt that by taking this position, I would be fulfilling what I am being called to do right now. The moment I realized that, so many doubts and uncertainties that I'd been dealing with all made since. I have been given this opportunity because at the end of the day, changing someones life is more important to me than having a hefty bank account. I now know why I stayed in Boone even when I was given opportunities to move to places that I hold close to my heart. I am here to serve a purpose and right now, this is it. I am so excited to start and to do my part in helping change lives around the world. If you haven't checked out Wine to Water, I strongly encourage you to visit: The effect their work has on the lives they touch is truly remarkable and inspiring.
"And who's to say it's wrong
And who's to say that it's not right
Where we should be for now..." The Fray

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