Thursday, April 1, 2010


The last couple weeks I've really been digging into the book of Job. Some might think my reading this book given my circumstances right now makes me a glutton for punishment, and to be honest, I thought so too for a little while. Job is essentially, a book about suffering. This guy loses everything; his family, health, possessions, wealth. You name it, it's gone. Job went from "having everything" in human understanding, to having absolutely nothing.

Now I definitely don't think I've lost everything in the last few weeks. I still miss my dad more every day and then when you add recent events on top of that, you could say that life has been a little frustrating. But then I get home at night and I read about this guy who has suffered some of the toughest circumstances, only to get down his knees and praise God for what he is doing in Job's life. Job took the time to step back and appreciate God's creation, each little thing in it and each tiny blessing that we tend to forget in the busyness of our days. Then, he finds a revelation in everything that most of us are way to distracted to recognize or understand. He realizes it is not all about him, it's about a much bigger plan.

Simple, but pretty intense, right? These tragic, life changing events that come our way effect us, yes. But their purpose may not always be directly related to us. I realize that now more than ever when I see how my dad's family, who has been somewhat broken and in conflict, has come back together to love and support one another. We've started to build relationships again. As hard as it is for me to say, this wouldn't have happened with dad still here. Dad had to be the one taken for these relationships to mend. Losing dad is also helping people that may have never been helped when he was alive, as we decided to receive donations to Wine to Water in lieu of flowers. Enough money has been donated at this point to build four wells in Cambodia. These wells will provide clean water to hundreds of people, thus, saving many of them from life threatening diseases.

Make no mistake, each thing that has come from the passing of dad was in no way coincidental, there was master plan and purpose behind it, and that is what I find comfort in.

"Is it having so little
And yet having it all..." Sugarland

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